Sunday, October 08, 2006

Turning on the heat

It's starting to get colder here, which is good, because I get to wear all my new winter gear!! The amusing thing about the Swiss heating, though, is that there is a day that it all gets turned on in Geneva (I think it's the third week in October). Every industrial or residential building is required to fall into line with this arrangement, regardless of their individual heating needs. I suspect they have a ceremony that week, too - probably involving cows. There are good things about the approach of winter. A few of us hiked up Le Grammont the other day and it was so nice to find ourselves in a Swiss chalet at the top of a mountain and to sip a well-earned chocolat chaud, huddled next to an open fire.

Things are also hotting up work-wise. Having found my feet, I am flying to Brussels this weekend to give a little presentation about Quakers and Peacebuilding. Determined not to hide my small flame of spoken french under a bushel, I have been letting it shine in various social contexts with encouraging results. For example, when approached with the invariable "why are you a vegetarian?" question, yet again, it was a welcome change to have the conversation in french!!! I have also been responding to emails in french, with a bit of assistance from my multi-lingual colleague, DZA.

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Anonymous said...

It sounds like they'll use any excuse for a ceremony involving cows with bells ;)
PS: That scenery looks incredible..
cant wait to do a few hikes.