Monday, November 19, 2007

I love a sunburnt country

As I drifted from sleep to consciousness on my first morning back in Australia I was greeted by the familiar yet half-forgotten sound of a kookaburra laughing. It was a beautiful reminder that I was in the land of mystical creatures, sun-burnt countryside and of dreaming. There is something so comforting about Australia's wildlife and the stark contrast between the beaches, the bush and the desert.

I have been lucky enough to be back home just as the purple jacaranda trees are lining the streets, I have spent time at my favourite place in the whole world, Werona in Kangaroo Valley, and have sat by the creek at the bottom of mum and dad's street and of course stared in wonder and delight at Bondi's crazy sculpture's by the sea. I took a friend to Manly by ferry, and found myself amongst all the tourists photographing the opera house and harbour bridge at twilight.

It is really nice to be home but I know I won't forget all the amazing people I met and experiences I had in Europe and Africa. They have already begun to inform and impact my work here already - I included a Kenyan activity "I pepeta" into a workshop I facilitated last weekend and it was a great success!

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