Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Samson and Delilah

I finally got around to watching Samson and Delilah a little while ago and I'm not sorry I did. The movie follows a young couple on their journey from a remote town to the city and back again as they face death, homelessness, addiction and disability. Having spent time in remote Australia, I felt that the film accurately captured everyday life in a sleepy town not far from Alice Springs.

I liked that the characters were true to life and that the film just explored the circumstances and decisions of two young people without judgement. If you're looking for dot paintings, traditional language and "going walkabout" they are there, but alongside the harsh reality of being ripped off by art dealers, dealing with health problems in a remote area, and the petrol sniffing and violence that comes from having absolutely nothing to do and no sense of hope for the future.

You would think that a movie about a town where nothing happens and not much is said would be boring to watch, but it's not. I was captivated. A lot is said without words, both in terms of communication between characters, and also in terms of social commentary. If you want a warts and all glimpse into one person's portrayal of the Aboriginal experience, I recommend you watch this film.