Wednesday, August 15, 2007

Backpacking again for the first time

After finishing up my time at QUNO, I have spent the past two weeks making my way down the coast of Italy to Rome. The beaches definately got priority, and were a much-needed way to wind down after the final weeks of work. One thing I found was that travelling (or backpacking more specifically) for the second time doesnt make me an expert. I am kindof learning afresh how to travel - on a slightly larger budget, and with another person instead of by myself. Being almost a decade older also means that I am learning how to travel a bit more ethically and with the experience I have from the past ten years, instead of as a recent university graduate just figuring out who I was. It has been good, but I think we are both ready for Egypt, and Kenya, and the chance to volunteer our time rather than the past fortnight of hedonistic beach indulgence!!

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